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Really Cool but also hard  .... rating

i really liked the game (and finished it) it was a fun little game with interesting mechanics but it was also really hard especially the second last level although i found a glitch which made it a lot easier if you change color in the middle of another color you kinda just float and can jump out freely. 

Hi PixelBlock!

Thanks for playing and i'm glad you liked it. I realized this during development however i couldn't really think of what should happen when the player does that so i just left it like that.. Anyways, i'm really happy you found it fun and thanks for your feedback!

This is insanely hard to play lol but I love the idea. Great job!

It tastes like cigarette. 

- cigarette boy,  2018

Graphics and animations look great but the difficulty is a little bit too high for me as a hardcore gamer, that probably was the point but even I couldn't handle it. You might want to consider lowering the difficulty so  that more players can finish the game. You might also want to consider adding space key to jump, it's a minor thing but it will win lot's of players heart.

You can now jump with space thanks for your feedback!